Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Marshal's Destiny is Live on by C.H. Admirand

I cannot believe it's really here and am pinching myself. ;)

When I opened my email this afternoon, I saw the note from ACX that The Marshal's Destiny was live on and would go live on iTunes and in the next few days. ;)

Elizabeth Cook narrates the first book in my Irish Western Series and has a lovely Irish Brogue. Listening to her read, I close my eyes and can envision Margaret Mary Flaherty and U.S. Marshal Joshua Turner coming to life. 

A HUGE THANK YOU, to Elizabeth for her hard work and dedication to our project!!

Color me clueless as I logged onto to buy the book ... yes, I really am that geeky that I wanted to be able to listen to it ... and stopped because my MP3 player stopped working, and I don't have an iPod. 

But guess what, my darling boys gave me a Kindle Fire for my birthday and I can listen to audiobooks on it! Isn't that the coolest? OK ... sorry, I'm trying to stay calm, but this is seriously exciting.

Thanks for letting me gush and share my amazing news!

Happy Reading ... and Listening!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Isn't For The Faint of Heart by C.H. Admirand

Spring is such a changeable time of year from the March winds that blow to the soft and gentle breeze that caresses your face as you lift it up to feel the warmth of the sun. I love Spring, but wouldn't mind if the temperatures would creep up toward 40 or 50 and stay there! 

Here are pics of two bunches of Crocus that we didn't plant ... must have been the birds or the chipmunks or squirrels. ;)

Our poor little garden is still mostly covered with the leaves that we bed them down with in the late Fall. On top of those battered and bruised leaves is a smattering of 3/4 crushed stone ... yep from our driveway. The hazards of not having a paved driveway and having to shovel snow in the Winter. Ugh! 
This pic is of our Daffodils struggling to poke through the leaves ... amidst the 3/4 crushed stone. Will have to get back out there maybe tomorrow when it's just a bit warmer.

Saturday was a great day to work outside, so I made the most of uncovering some of our front gardens, but had to leave the rest so I could haul wood for my DH and darling youngest son.  

Unfortunately, the last of the ancient Silver Maples from our front yard was rotten in 2/3 of the tree and had to come down. It actually hurt my heart to have it done, but knew we had no choice. Apparently, the men who came to take it down wouldn't climb it -- their first option -- because it was so rotten at the top. They ended up using their bucket truck to cut it. 

I was able to save one piece of the hollowed out tree to make into a faerie house. 

Watching through the skylight and then hearing those awful thumps that shook the ground as the big sections landed had me pacing the house the entire time they were working. 

You can see where the bottom of the tree wasn't that bad, it was just the top 30 or so feet that was. The tree used to stand to the left of the spindly pine in the foreground. They didn't even bother to leave those pieces of the tree for us, they chipped them up.

Here's a pic of the pile that I moved ... two logs at a time in the wheelbarrow ... all except two logs. The pile is twice that size now after my DH and darling oldest son worked to cut up and move more sections of the tree on Sunday. 

I'm more connected than I realized to those life-giving giants, the streams, forests and gardens that surround our home. I guess that kindof explains why crowds are not my thing. I prefer being outside with Nature.

Sooo until I can actually fill our stream and hook up the pond filter again, I'll have to make do with pictures from last year. OH ... funny sight on Saturday ... Sparrows landing on the rocks lining the stream, looking dejected realizing there wasn't any water there yet. Poor little things. Praying for warm weather!

Jamie can't wait either ... he's waiting for a new load of sand for Jackie-Boy and Baby Henry's sandbox ;)

Have you read a Romance today?


Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day and Release Day for The Three Vices: Patience by C.H. Admirand

Sure and it's a grand morning, indeed! In my heart the sun is shining, the wind is blowing softly with the sweet smell of Spring in the air -- and there is no snow on the ground.

Hah! I did say in my heart, didn't I? LOL. The sun has yet to peak over the horizon, it's a balmy 18 degrees and there is still way too much snow on the ground for my taste. But yesterday I could smell Spring in the air, so I'm trying to be content with that. Here's a pic I took yesterday, even though it was chilly, I did sit in my favorite rocking chair with a cup of hot tea and a spiral bound notebook to make notes about gardens and fence repairs. And yes, Jamie always tries to help ;)

There have been Robins in our yard for at least the last month or so, but the Redwinged Blackbirds and Cowbirds have only been here for about two weeks. They are the true harbingers of Spring up here. Although I take pics of the birdlife constantly, darling Dave was the one who as able to snap the best pic of the Redwinged Blackbirds and Cowbirds beneath the feeders yesterday.

I love St. Patrick's Day, and am always reminded of the fierce Irish Pride our grandfather had for his Irish roots. We used to watch the St. Patrick's Day parade together and woe to the grandchild who did NOT wear their green! 

So today in his honor, I'm posting a pic of the Purcell family castle in Tipperary along with pics of the Irish Soda Bread and Whiskey Spice Cake that I baked yesterday. We celebrated a bit early to make sure our guys would all be home to eat.

It was Gra's Test Kitchen yesterday (our darling oldest grandson couldn't say grandma, so he calls me Gra). Here's a pic of the non-traditional Irish Soda Bread with currants:

And of course, I can't stop trying to replicate the fabulous Whiskey Spice Cake I had years ago at Davey's Locker ... still trying though. And yes, those are hole in the top of the cake ... for the Whiskey! ;)

Soooo, because St. Patrick's Day is such a special day in my life, I wanted to re-release the newly revised and refreshed version of book one in my Regency-Era Historical trilogy today. What's so exciting about this version is that I was able to add in the previously deleted prologue, a few chapters and scenes.

The Three Vices: Patience ~ 

Here's the blurb from Amazon:

C.H. Admirand sweeps her readers back into the past to Regency England with book one in her Regency-Era Historical Trilogy: The Three Vices. This re-release has the previously deleted prologue, chapters, and scenes added back in for an enhanced read. For readers who have already read Patience, I have toned down the love scenes to appeal to a broader range of readers. Never fear, the romance is still the most important part of Lady Patience and Viscount Rexley's story.
Here's the trilogy overview:
Three cousins: Lady Patience Wainwright, Lady Charity Fenwick, and Lady Prudence Thompson, (daughters of three sisters) each have a vice that has their respective parents despairing that they may never find suitable matches for the highly spirited and willful daughters. 

Patience, Charity, and Prudence…Virtuous qualities a young lady seeking a husband would surely wish to possess. 

Unless, of course, a well-meaning parent chose to name her daughter Patience, with an eye to the future, hoping her precious child would seek to emulate the meaning of her name. 

Never imagining her beloved daughter would grow up preferring the break-neck pace of racing her horse across the meadow to taking tea with callers, or that she would prefer angling for trout and firing a pistol to plying fabric with a needle. And, Lord help us all, that she would grow to stand just four inches shy of six feet tall!
Patience is impetuous, impulsive, and impossible. Ah, but her parents have a plan to secure a marriage, and their daughter’s future. They intend to find a gentleman of noble birth—with deep pockets—who has never met their daughter. 

Surely somewhere in all of England there is a gentleman who will embrace their daughter, thorns and all. All he need do is overlook her height, and her talent with rod, reel, and pistol. 

The virtue has become the vice … 

The Three Vices: Patience is available at Amazon, Barnes and  Noble, and Kobo (not live yet as of 6:57 am) for $0.99. 

I'm waiting for the proof to arrive for the print version, until then check out the preview for the lovely print cover, P and N Graphics, LLC created for me:

Here's the back cover blurb:

Viscount Rexley family’s fortune is on the brink of bankruptcy and his father is being blackmailed. Marrying an heiress to protect their fortune and family name is the only solution, but before he can begin his search, he has a dawn appointment to keep.


Lady Patience is impetuous, impulsive, and impossible. But her parents have a plan to secure a marriage, and their daughter’s future intending to find a gentleman of noble birth (with deep pockets), who has NEVER met their daughter, but first she intends to stop her childhood friend from getting killed in a gentleman’s duel.

I'll leave ye with me grandfather's favorite Irish Blessing ... 

May ye be in Heaven an hour before the devil knows yer dead!